Home to America's favorite gourmet mushrooms

Local. Fresh. Always.

mushrooms by the shroomeister

We are home to America's premium gourmet mushrooms.  Mushrooms are an excellent, healthy, and flavorful food and at The Shroomeister our goal is to grow the best gourmet special and exotic mushrooms and deliver them to our customers. Using our proprietary natural growing methods our gourmet mushrooms will delight your taste buds!

We specialize in blue oysters, pink oysters, snow oysters, golden oysters, shiitake, and lion's mane mushrooms.


Produced locally

Produced locally in the USA using sustainable practices.

Environmentally Friendly

We recycle all plastics and cardboard. Our packaging uses a minimal amount of plastic and material. We compost waste products that can be reused as a natural and safe fertilizer.


Our mushrooms are grown without harmful chemicals.