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Shiitake (Lentinula Edodes) mushrooms are the first known mushroom to be cultivated. Records indicate that shiitake was first cultivated in China beginning in the 12th century A.D. It was valued for food and was an important part of ancient traditional medicine in Japan, China and other areas of Southeast Asia. Today shiitake is increasing in popularity globally thanks to its excellent taste, texture and medicinal benefits. Caps are brown and white and grow between 2" to 6" in diameter.

Culinary Uses:

Shiitake have a buttery, mildly smoky and umami flavor. They pair well with Asian cuisine, Miso soup and are delicious stir fried. They are quite versatile and can also be added to pasta and have a slightly firm chewy texture. As with many specialty mushrooms shiitake tend to absorb the flavors that they are cooked in.

Health benefits*:

Nutritional-low calorie, low in fat, high in fiber and protein. Contains high amounts of vitamins riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, thiamin, folate and pantothenic acid. Great natural source of minerals such as phosphorous, potassium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium and selenium. Other potential health benefits:

Immune system support - Shiitake mushrooms contain substances such as beta-glucans which is known to boost and strengthen the immune system.

Anti-cancer properties - Shiitake mushrooms contain compounds such as polysaccharides.  Research has demonstrated the ability of polysaccharides to shrink tumors and combat various types of cancer. One of the polysaccharides found in shiitake is lentinan.  Lentinan has shown anti-carcinogenic properties against various types of cancer cells.

Heart health - Shiitake contain two compounds which are known to improve heart health by lowering cholesterol. The first compound is beta-glucan.  Beta-glucan prevents cholesterol from being absorbed by the intestines.   The second compound is eritadenine.  Eritadenine reduces cholesterol in the blood.

Energy and brain booster - The same compounds (polysaccharides, terpenoids, sterols) found in Lion's Mane and other mushrooms are also found in Shiitake and can help improve focus, memory and mood.

Skin health - Shiitake mushrooms contain anti-oxidants and selenium.  Anti-oxidants reduce oxidative stress in the body including the skin and selenium deficiency has been linked to certain types of acne.

Anti-inflammatory - Inflammation is a contributing factor to many health conditions and diseases.  Shiitake contain ergothioneine and polysaccharides which have both been shown to reduce inflammation.

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